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Design Sprints

Come to Etch with your team and we'll run a four-day Design Sprint with you to help you solve critical business problems and help kickstart innovation within your business.

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What is the Design Sprint good for?

The Design Sprint is best used to enable teams to design a new product, create a new feature or improve existing features.

The four-day process enables businesses to gather clear data from real people, before making any expensive commitments such as building and launching.

Instead of the endless debate cycle, the Design Sprint compresses months of time and effort into just a few days.

What does it look like?

We use a four-day Design Sprint with teams, only needing to be onsite and working together for the first two days.



Together, we understand the long term goal, define the challenges and produce a mass of solutions.



We curate and vote on the best solutions together, then define what should be in the prototype with a storyboard.



Once we know what we are designing, we create the prototype on our computers and setup the user test scenarios.



Testing the prototype with real people, we then use the feedback to create clear next steps in the form of a product backlog.

What is the outcome of the sprint?

The outcome is a human-tested clickable prototype which is not a "wireframe" or a "mockup" - it looks and feels like a real website or app with the benefit of having been tested in real life.

You will also have a product backlog - a list of all the things that need to be done next.

What happens after the sprint?

Once you have participated in the sprint, you will have a much clearer idea of what needs to happen next within your business to take things forward.

We like to use a second week to work in the feedback, iterate and polish the solution, working in anything like brand guidelines and getting things ready to share with your team. We call this the Iteration Sprint.

If the outcome of the Design Sprint is that the product is going straight into production, we’ll arrange a day to handover with your production team, ensuring everyone has what they need to execute the plan.

Why use Etch?

Etch is a pragmatic design agency that has been running Design Sprints since 2017, but has been in the design business for the past eighteen years.

We're learning all the time, from interviewing the inventor of the Design Sprint Jake Knapp, to attending training events and gaining first-hand knowledge ourselves on how to run successful Design Sprints.

We also share a lot of what we know through articles, podcasts and social media, ensuring that we’re always offering as much value as possible upfront.

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What's next?

The Design Sprint is a relatively new way of working and we want you to have full confidence that it is right for you and your business.

You can book a call so we can understand your challenges, arrange a Lightning Decision Jam or download a pdf to share with your team.

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Invite us in to your business to run through a FREE one hour taste of the Design Sprint called the Lightning Decision Jam!

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