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We run design sprints with companies to help teams work better together

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Why use the design sprint?

The design sprint is best used to enable teams to design a new product, create a new feature or improve existing features.


Speed up time to market

The design sprint helps teams gain focus, work together and execute ideas quickly. It does without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.


Reduce cost and risk

You may be building too many features without knowing whether each are successful. Validate assumptions and product ideas with your team without the expense and time of building and launching.


Be more competitive

You may be worried about competitors innovating faster than you. Be competitive by executing quickly and enabling your teams to make decisions with confidence.

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Design Sprints

We run the four-day design sprint with teams to kickstart innovation.

We use a four-day Design Sprint with teams, only needing to be onsite and working together for the first two days.

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Innovation training

Learn how to run design sprints within your business or agency.

Discover how using Design Sprints can improve the speed of delivery, what type of projects it is suitable for and witness 'what it looks like' by following the process with one of our seasoned facilitators.

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"I found today really useful. I'd started reading the book and what I found really useful was actually the practical side of it. Having the verbal presentation then backed up with the workshop was very good!"

Claire Crombie, Rarely Impossible


Success stories

The design sprint kickstarts innovation and allows teams to design new products, create new features or improve existing ones.


Identifying users experience when choosing locations with We Find Venues.

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Understanding more about user needs with the Land Rover Explore: Outdoor phone.

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Setting out clear, measurable objectives and learning with a UK city council.

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About us

Etch Sprints is a brand new startup committed to creating the best products on the market with the best teams around the world.

Founded in 2018, Etch Sprints is supported by Etch Group, a collection of people, agencies and partners that exist to redefine how traditional consultancies operate.

We share a lot of what we know about design sprints and product strategy to offer as much value as possible upfront.

Mike and Tristan

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