Design Sprints and innovation training.

From fully facilitated Design Sprints to Corporate Innovation Training, we can teach you to work better as a team.

Design Sprints Innovation Training
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Design Sprints

The Design Sprint process is ideal for solving critical business problems, creating new digital products and improving existing features. It does without the endless debate cycle and compresses months of time into just a few days.

Using a four-day process enables businesses to get clear data from real people before making any expensive commitments such as building and launching.

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Design Sprint Training

Starting to learn more about Design Sprints and ultimately want to run them within your business, but not sure how?

We teach entire teams how to use Design Sprints to improve the speed of decision-making, execute product ideas and onboard future Design Sprint facilitators.

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Why use Etch?

Etch is a pragmatic design agency that has been running Design Sprints since 2017, but has been in the design business for the past eighteen years.

We're learning all the time, from interviewing the inventor of the Design Sprint Jake Knapp, to attending training events and gaining first-hand knowledge ourselves on how to run successful Design Sprints.

Design Sprints are only one part of what we do. Find out more about our complementary digital product design, development and strategy on the Etch site.

We also share a lot of what we know through articles, podcasts and social media, ensuring that we’re always offering as much value as possible upfront.


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We run Design Sprints with startups and established businesses alike to kickstart innovation and enable faster ways of delivering value to customers while learning what they should focus on next.

For teams that want to learn more about the Design Sprint methodology and want to facilitate their own Design Sprints, discover more with our innovation training.

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