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The most valuable part of the Design Sprint to any business are the outcomes.

1-Day Intensive Design Sprint Training Workshop - June 2018

We ran a 1-day intensive design sprint to the public and shared how to run the four day design sprint within just a few hours.

"I found today really useful. I'd started reading the book and what I found really useful was actually the practical side of it. Having the verbal presentation then backed up with the workshop was very good!"

We Find Venues

We Find Venues wanted help to identify how they needed to improve their digital product with real user feedback.

Considering the innovation required, the Design Sprint was a perfect methodology to collect problems, work-up solutions and test with users.

We delivered a human-tested prototype, a product backlog and a set of decisions within four days. Using time as an asset, we were able to provide value and fast-forward the product into the future to learn before committing to further design and development.

"We ran a four-day Design Sprint with We Find Venues. From understanding their key problems, to building a prototype to test, we gave them a clear direction on where to innovate with evidence from real people giving them confidence before investing in production"

Eastleigh Borough Council

We worked with Eastleigh Borough Council to make their website better meet user needs.

To get there faster, we made a human-tested prototype within five days.

We knew people come to a council website not because they want to, but because they need to and defining job stories for the key types of people that need to engage with council services was a great way of solving Eastleigh's website problems.

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